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Testimonials - What are Others Saying about Us?

We believe that the education your child receives at Bethlehem Lutheran is unparalleled. But don’t take our word for it; please read a few of the kind words our students and their parents have said about their experiences at our school. Would you like to submit a testimonial and share your very own experience with us? Please take a moment to fill out the form on the left side of this page and hit "submit." We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Testimonials from our Parents

    "Every Monday I begin my day with an email like the one below (mom received a grade alert email with straight A's.) I realize I have a smart girl, but I also realize that her work ethic and drive to do well are due to expectations you placed upon her in her final years at BL. She understands that hard work = success. We are so very grateful for your part in building her up and expecting the best from her. Thank you for everything you do every day for our BLS students. It works."

    "Let me thank YOU for teaching our young people about honor, justice, loyalty, freedom, selfless giving, and the other qualities surrounding our military women and men. Thank you for teaching them that these qualities apply also to their everyday lives and interactions with others. I was especially moved by Brandon's essay when he was speaking about 'patriots,' and how he thought that those who stand up against bullying are examples of patriots. This is so appropriate for our times!"
    Russ H.

    “I can't believe we are here -- the last two days of kindergarten. Oh, how she has loved school and the two of you. Thanks so much for the love you have given to our little girl! We LOVED reading through her journal when it came home; so did Ben. I don't think he truly realized how much of an influence he has on her life! She has grown so much, and just when I think I cannot be more amazed, she turns around and does it again in a completely different area. Her spiritual growth is what touches us the most. I thank you and the entire staff for guiding her this year and helping her to realize how thankful we all should be to be one of God's children...Thank you for an amazing year. It exceeded every expectation that I could possibly have had!”
    Linda J.

    "I am thankful each day for the blessing of BLS in our lives. Today, I am even more thankful [for] Cooper's teacher."
    Lisa P.

    “Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the prayers for my family. Funny how God works; my family really needed those prayers, and I feel like they are being answered.”
    Susan M.

    “The original impetus for our shift to BLS was academics. We did not feel our child was being challenged adequately in the public school she was in and did not see that being likely to change due to the many demands on the teacher. Once we made the switch however, that is now only one of the reasons we continue to choose BLS. The staff is amazing. We KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that our children are cared for there. We know our classroom teachers will take the time to communicate with us and keep us informed, not just wait until report cards. There are so many parents who are dedicated to the school and so actively involved. As has been said many times by many people associated with BLS, it is a family, and we wouldn't want to go anywhere else.”

    “We have found the high quality of the teaching and the discipline in the school provide the learning environment and challenges we want for our children.”

    “The class size is great... not too small or too large. The teachers... can't say enough wonderful things about them. In our experience, they care about each child and want all to thrive.”

    “We want our children to have a clear understanding of who they are in Christ and the role they play in living for Him. BL provides an excellent Christian education that challenges my children in all areas of their lives. The family of BL has provided an incredible experience for our children and has been foundational in the growth and maturity in Christ. I couldn't ask for anything more in a school.”

    “After a tour by Mrs. Holt, we knew Bethlehem was for our family. We spent our first year with Mrs. White, and frankly, she is the reason we continued for a second year and have no doubt our second child will attend as well. You cannot help [but] have faith in a school [where] the principal [practices] the simple gesture of greeting children and parents every day. While this may seem simple, it means the world to the children and shows the dedication of the staff.”

    “We chose BLS as our child's school because we want her to have a Christ-centered education that is an extension of the Christ-centered values that we teach at home. We also know that she is loved, safe, and well taken-care of while at Bethlehem with her school family.”

    “My children attend Eagles' Nest both before and after school. It is nice to see the older and younger children playing together respectfully. Just this morning when I dropped my kids off, a much older student arrived at the same time as we did. The older boy arrived at the door first but stepped back to let my younger child knock on the door (he loves to do that!). He also waited and let [my children] enter first. It reminded me that our school is a special place. In many schools, a middle school or upper elementary student would not be so aware and mindful of younger students like that.”

    “We really appreciate the time Mrs. Luoma and Mrs. DeGraaf have spent developing challenging projects and activities for their more advanced learners. All of the teachers we have had at BL go above and beyond to create meaningful learning experiences for their classes.”

    “Mr. Haan is an outstanding example of Christian attitude. I always walk away feeling that he cares deeply for every single student and wishes the best for each one.”

    Testimonials from our Graduates

    “I am going to really miss the small class sizes of BL, but I am definitely proud of what I have learned. I am well prepared for the rigorous IB courses of Kennewick High, and I hope that the education that I obtained at BL will assist me throughout the rest of my life.”
    Jonah R.

    “Bethlehem has made a huge impact on my life. I could have gone to almost any school I wanted to, but out of all the options, even though it was in the adjacent town, I chose Bethlehem, because of its friendly, Christian atmosphere and its general family feel, instead of a large school where the students do not really get to know the teachers or other students. I came to Bethlehem Lutheran and came to know Christ and received a better education and what I trust to be lifelong friends. I will always be thankful for my time here at BL.”
    Craig T.

    “I was scared to start middle school and only knew one other person. Mrs. Spahr made me feel very comfortable, though. I will always remember how she loves me. She has made a lasting imprint on my life. She not only taught me, but she loved me. She gave me a lot of praise and had faith in me that I could do anything I set my mind to do. Being here at BL has taught me that I need to be a positive force for God. Chapel and Christian Studies have taught me a lot about how to be a good Christian. I will carry that with me.”
    Timmy B.

    “My year at Bethlehem has been one of the best years of my life. I will greatly miss the school, my teachers, and my friends from other grades. I am happy for the friends I made and the things I learned. My experience at Bethlehem will be something I remember all my life.”
    Abby D.

    “Bethlehem has been such a blessing and has impacted my life tremendously.”
    Hannah T.

    “My time at BLS is full of great memories. I have made a lot of friends that will always be special to me. I have also had some wonderful teachers at BLS. I consider them not only teachers but lifelong friends. BLS has given me the foundation to move on to high school and beyond. The moral values I was taught at BLS will help me not only in high school but in everyday l