Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School—Our Mission, Faith, and Philosophy

At Bethlehem Lutheran, we intertwine our religious beliefs and philosophy with the daily education of our students. Our respect for God and His creations helps us build the foundation, which allows us to educate the whole child as we prepare him or her for a life filled with learning and service. 

Our Mission

Our Mission... as long as we have life and breath, it is to proclaim the good news of the salvation Christ brings!

Our Philosophy

Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School:

  • Recognizes the whole person as God’s foremost creation
  • Views people as sinful and mortal and in need of God’s love and forgiveness
  • Views each student as a redeemed child of God
  • Recognizes that people are in need of repentance and nurture in the Gospel 
  • Envisions people as responsible beings with an obligation toward their Lord and other people
  • Holds life to be precious and meaningful because it is a gift from God