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Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer some of the questions most frequently asked of our office staff. For more information, please see our student handbook, found under the Quick Links section on our Home page.

How do you incorporate Christ-centered worship into the everyday education at Bethlehem Lutheran School?

Everything that goes on at our school is centered in Gods’ love for all of His children. Some of the ways we incorporate His teachings in our regular school days are:

Chapel – We hold weekly chapel services for the school community throughout the year. Chapel begins at 8:40 a.m. on Wednesdays. We invite all families and friends to attend, as local pastors, teachers, and students lead the worship.

Chapel Offerings – In connection with the weekly chapel worship, we collect an offering and send these gifts to missions selected by the students and faculty. 

Devotions – Each classroom incorporates worship in its daily schedule. These worship experiences give special meaning to each day and offer opportunities for students to lead worship and witness their faith to their classmates and friends.

Singing in Church – We invite all BLS students to sing and worship at Bethlehem Lutheran Church during the school year. 

Worship – We invite all Bethlehem students and their families to take part in our weekly worship service and academic classes. If you do not have a church home or would like to worship at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, we invite you to worship with us. The weekly worship schedule is:

8:00 a.m. - Worship service
9:30 a.m.  - Educational classes
11:00 a.m. - Worship service

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What are the dress standards at Bethlehem Lutheran?

God has created each of our students with very special and individual gifts. We encourage Bethlehem Lutheran School students to discover and respect their own uniqueness as well as that of others in ways that go beyond outward dress and appearance. However, we expect Bethlehem students’ appearance to be suitable for the school-related event they are attending. We also expect cleanliness, neatness, and appropriate attire of students at all times, maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning and free from distractions, including those caused by inappropriate appearance. In addition, as a Christian school, the image our student body projects is important.

Please read the specific dress standards for Bethlehem students by viewing the official policy found in the quick links section on our Home page.

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How often does BLS issue report cards?

Bethlehem uses a trimester grading system. We issue report cards in November, March, and June. We also issue progress reports at mid-term in each trimester for students in 2nd – 8th grade. We encourage parents of 3rd – 8th graders to check GradeLink regularly for updated grades.

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How do I register my child to attend Bethlehem Lutheran School?

We hold registration for returning families in early spring, followed by new student registration. Please see our Registration page for the details.

Once your child has been enrolled, please complete or provide the following:

  • Registration form 
  • Current immunization records
  • Copy of child's birth certificate
  • Child's social security number (optional)
  • Smart Tuition enrollment form
  • Payment of non-refundable registration fee
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What should I do if my child must be absent from school?

Please call the office by 8:45 a.m. on the morning of the absence to inform the secretary of the absence. Parents may request homework after school and pick up books and materials after school unless they make prior arrangements with the teacher. If a student is absent for five consecutive school days due to illness or injury, we require a note from the doctor along with the regular note of excuse. For more information, please see our student handbook.

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What if school is canceled or delayed because of bad weather?

Occasionally, we must cancel or delay school due to inclement weather. We will list school delay and closure information on this website and with local television and radio stations as well as update the greeting on the school answering machine. In general, BLS mirrors the Kennewick School District in delay and closure determinations.

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Does BLS offer before and after school care?

Yes, our Eagles’ Nest is open from 6:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This program is available to kindergarten through 8th grade children enrolled at Bethlehem Lutheran School.

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Does Bethlehem provide an athletics program for its students?

Yes, students in grades 6 - 8 may participate in Bethlehem Lutheran School’s athletics program. Girls may participate in volleyball or co-ed soccer in the fall, basketball in winter, and softball in the spring. Boys may participate in co-ed soccer in the fall, basketball in winter, and baseball in the spring.  Bethlehem is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) and the Mid-Columbia League.

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Do Bethlehem students get to go on field trips?

Yes, we love to be able to enhance our students’ learning by taking them on education-related field trips. Our wonderful Bethlehem parents assist with student transportation for these special events. 

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How does Bethlehem incorporate modern technology in its curriculum?

Not only are all of our classrooms and our library equipped with modern computers for our students and teachers to use, but we provide all 6th – 8th grade students with the use of a school iPad. The iPads are the property of the school until the point at which we gift them to the student upon graduation from Bethlehem Lutheran School.

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Do BLS classrooms have Internet access?

Bethlehem Lutheran School maintains a computer system with Internet capability throughout the school. This allows opportunities for students, staff, and others to communicate, learn, access, and publish information. The Internet presents vast resources for education as well as dangerous, inappropriate material. Bethlehem Lutheran School contracts for system maintenance and protection that will minimize improper use of computers, devices, and the Internet. Please read our Acceptable Use Policy in our student handbook.

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What is the protocol if my child must receive medication at school?

Washington state law states that "no school personnel may give over-the-counter (non-prescription) drugs to any student in the school" without a completed Medication Request form (with doctor signature) for each prescription or over the counter medication on file in the school office. If your child must have prescription medication during school hours, please send only the amount of medication needed during school hours for the course of a month.

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Do you provide a school lunch for students?

Not generally. We ask that students bring their own lunch to school in a sealed lunchbox or bag. The school offers milk for lunch at a cost. Please do not send any glass containers or anything that must be microwaved in your child’s lunch. Parent volunteers have organized a pre-order hot lunch that is available once a week. Participation in this program is optional.

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