About Our School

Your child is the most precious part of your life. We have dedicated our lives to working with families to grow their children into the people God has designed them to be. At Bethlehem Lutheran School, we partner with you to raise your children in a safe, caring environment, building on a strong moral foundation based on the Biblical teachings of Jesus and equipping children with an outstanding academic education that will prepare them for success in all areas of life.

Our Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of Bethlehem Lutheran School is to provide a quality Christian education, whereby students may find identity, purpose, and power for their lives in Christ by living in grace and in the knowledge of Him as their Savior.

Objectives for children who attend Bethlehem include:

  • To know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior
  • To develop Christian attitudes, values, and virtues
  • To develop a working knowledge of Christian teachings
  • To relate the Scriptures and faith to contemporary life and to be a Christian witness
  • To develop academic, creative, physical, and spiritual gifts to their fullest potential
  • To appreciate individual differences
  • To recognize others as gifts from God
  • To build up the body of believers

Sharing Christ

Sharing the caring Christ is what Lutheran schools do best. Bethlehem Lutheran’s care for children goes beyond simple or programmed techniques. Our caring stems from our commitment to model Jesus Christ. We teach joyfully, by words and by modeling, about the most caring act of all time, the death and resurrection of God's son and the forgiveness of sins for an entire world.

Central to every caring act of every day in Bethlehem Lutheran School is Christ's love, and when children learn they are loved, by God and by others, they learn to love Him and each other. Lutheran schools are caring places. You will feel that the first time you step through our doors.