Gavel and Flag

Bethlehem Lutheran School Board

Bethlehem Lutheran Church elects a board of up to eight men and women from its membership to serve on the school board. The board meets monthly with the administrator. The school board works to protect the mission of the school and ensure that it is carried out. This is accomplished through strategic planning with the administrator, which includes annual goal-setting, long-term financial planning, and formation of policies that ensure the school board will be equipped to carry out its functions. Specifically, the school board works to ensure: a Christian education, a high-quality academic education defined by the pursuit of excellence, a caring community, and a focus on the whole child.

School Board Members

Our school board members are dedicated individuals in our community who selflessly give their time and talents to ensure that our students receive the best education possible at Bethlehem Lutheran. Please meet them:

Ben Schuldheisz, Chair
Chris DeGraaf, Secretary
Jim Bertsch
Vangi Ellwein
Tim Nies
Del Wisdom