Bethlehem Lutheran Church News

A lot goes on at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, and we know you want to be sure you stay current on all of the important happenings. So please visit this page often, and we’ll keep you informed. Thank you for your constant support of our parish!

VBS is Coming

VBS is coming June 25-28, from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.! Thank you so much to the people who have volunteered to help Speak Life! to children ages five through grade five! However, we need more volunteers! If you haven’t had a chance to sign up to help, it’s not too late. Here’s what we have and what we need:

  • Hosts: Thank you Clarence and Jeanna May!
  • Adult Aide: We have three and need seven-eight more. This involves taking a group of children to their various activities that the Lutherhaven staff will be leading.
  • Youth Aide: We have five and need five-six more to accompany and help with a small group.
  • Snack Team: We have three and could use two-three more.
  • Registration: We have one and could use three more.
  • Decorating: Anyone is welcome to help decorate!
  • Clean Up: We have three and could use three-four more.

You can pick up a volunteer form that's on a table by the church office, contact Beth Anfinson at (509) 366.3778, or send her an e-mail.

Thank You to our Volunteers

Thanks to all who volunteered their time and effort at our food sort at Second Harvest this past month. Please look for other similar opportunities that we will make available this summer and join us!

Recent Sermons

If you missed one of our recent sermons, you may now listen to them online. Visit our Sermon Audio Archive for a complete list.